Essence Humidifier


Essence Humidifier

Portable Design

Toreto’s Essence humidifier is compact thus can be easily carried anywhere. It is also available in four different colours yellow, pink, blue and white. Choose the colour that suits you the best. The package also includes a USB cable and a one-year warranty card.

Breathe Good

Essence humidifier-cum-aroma diffuser removes all the bad smell from the house and fills it with a pleasant fragrance that will not only make you feel relaxed but also let your guests feel the positivity around the house.

Converts into a night lamp

Essence is not just a humidifier. It solves the purpose of a night lamp too. This night lamp emits seven different colours of light. So what are you waiting for? Grab it and fill your room with bright yet relaxing colours.

Aroma Therapy

Enjoy some aroma therapy at your home itself with Essence humidifier cum aroma diffuser. You just need to open the top lid of the device and add water to the water tank according to the mentioned level. Then open the filter tube to wet it before use and tighten back the lid. Take off the top cover of the humidifier and add the perfume or essential oil of your choice in the sponge ring, close it and enjoy your favourite fragrance after switching it on.