Shadow 2 Wireless Mouse


Shadow 2 Wireless Mouse

Superior wireless technology

Shadow 2 is engineered using superior quality wireless technology. With the power of 2.45GHZ, it promises to give uninterrupted access to your PC or laptop for long hours.

Modern design

Shadow 2 offers you complete comfort while working on your computer or laptop. Its soft grip gives you a feel good factor and protects your hand from internal pain or injuries that might occur due to long hours of use. Its smooth cursor control will make your browsing experience even more enjoyable.

Smooth connection

You can easily connect the mouse to your laptop or PC with the help of a USB receiver. Moreover, the sensor installed in Shadow 2 offers high sensitivity resolution and strong connection.

Easy to operate

Shadow 2 is extremely easy to operate. It comes with an adjustable DPI of 800-1600. You can navigate through pages smoothly with the help of its sensitive roller along with left and right click buttons. There are separate buttons on the side of the mouse that allows you to go to previous page or next page with simple click.

Power saving

Shadow 2 wireless mouse is highly energy efficient and can run on a single battery for a long time.